Main Topics

The main topics below are to be held at the Congress:

  • Training and Movement Science
  • Physical Education and Sports Teaching
  • Sport Management and Organization
  • Psychosocial Areas in Sports
  • Physical Education and Sports for Disabled
  • Recreation
  • Sports and Health Sciences

Sub Topics

  • Culture and Principles for Building Bridges throughSports for All
  • Elite Sports and Sports for All
  • Sports for All and Wellness for Women
  • Approaches to Sports for All and Wellness in Private Sector and Institutions
  • Exercise Treatments for Diseases
  • Traditional and Modern Sports
  • Sports and Wellness in Science
  • Sport Culture in Different Countries
  • Sports and Wellness for Health
  • Sports Management, Sports for All and Wellness
  • Individual Training in Sports and Wellness
  • Special Groups and Training in Sports and Wellness
  • Psycho-social Approaches in Sports and Wellness
  • Tourism and Sports Relations
  • Sports in Democratic Changes and Social Integration
  • The History of Sports, Sports for All, Wellness and Recreation